Thursday, 30 July 2009

What are you knitting Eddy?

Well, the year rushes on and my original challenge of making 52 items in 52 weeks is still running. At our last count we had 29
Well I've joined some online knitting groups ,challenges and swaps so that's more excuses to make more goodies.

I'm making a quilt cover (knitted) for my daughter's bed with the help of a group called Welshmille's KAL (That's Knit A Long). We are all sent the same squares every week which we make in our own colours and yarns to make a unique blanket. I can't count this one as done yet as it will go on until just before Christmas. The end blanket will be 7 long squares by 7 squares wide. so far I have 12 squares - so quite a bit to go yet then.

I joined another group in which we will be swapping little amigurumis. Yes another Japanese knitting term. Knitted or crocheted stuffed creatures; usually animals but can be inanimate objects with faces too (like cupcakes or bananas) I made a sweet little dragon with wings. I made a big mistake on him and sewed up the head before adding the safety eyes. as knitters will know safety eyes have a disc at the back to keep them on so I couldn't use them! But no panic, my local yarn shop found me the most beautiful buttons to use instead. Twinkly little jewel eyes. So he counts - Hurray 30 items! I love round numbers.

I also made this sweet little Chihuahua. I thought he would be small as the pattern I used did not give a finished size. But he is 12" tall - that's almost bigger than a real one! = 31 items

For my shop I made some zodiac creatures. Cancer the crab and Leo the Lion were my first ones, I'll be adding more as the year goes on. Leo sold straight away! What fun. I will make another straight away; it wouldn't do to have a gap in my zodiac. I also must make more owl cushion pals as I have sold 3 out of the 5 I made. I do love sales though - they keep me in yarn :) = 33 items

Now for what I'm working on next; I have made this little drawing of a hyena/african wild dog/alsation. Well I haven't quite made up my mind what he will be yet. So I'm going to make a little pattern for a knitted version of him. I've written patterns before, they are available free on You will have to tell me if the finished item looks anything like the original sketch when it is done.

I've also got two more swaps coming up for a sea creature. I don't want to do the same one twice so you will have to see how that turns out later too. ah yes better keep those needles clicking; Christmas is coming fast! yes, already over halfway through the year. What a Scary thought

Total so far = 33 items in 28 weeks - better step it up a notch; wouldn't want to get behind!