Friday, 14 May 2010

World Cup 2010 - go Germany!

OK so Wales did not make it through to the World cup this year - ahh sad.
But never mind; I'm backing Germany this year


Well, my favorite player is there Michael Ballack.

He is a Chelsea boy you know. Ok he was born in Germany but he plays for Chelsea football club all year but now he is to be the Captain of Germany.
Why do I like him so?

He is more like a rugby player than a football player. You won't see him on the floor pretending his leg hurts like most players. In fact, last year they had to drag him off the pitch as his nose was bleeding and he was still playing! Tough guy.

In fact, I've even made my own puppet version of him to play along (in his German team colours of course) He can kick, score and do a victory slide - yeay.
Here is a rear view. (albeit fuzzy) you cannot see this (because his shorts are black) but they wrap around the glove too. He is knitted as part of the glove not just attatched to it. I made him as a right-handed glove for me. I can make left-handed gloves too and any team that you can think of (but no badges; my embroidery skills are not up to that lol)

Now I just need to make another for him to play against - maybe Brazil - that'd be fun

Monday, 3 May 2010

Creative challenge 52 in 52 - April 2010

Okay Kokay so here is April in all it's glory.
These are the items I have completed this month. I have a few more on the needles, but we can't count those - only finished items.
  • first you will find 2 more Zodiac crabs; these are the rest of the "5 crab order" from Germany last month.
  • Tabbee cat. I was privileged enough to be allowed to test on of Bobbi Padget's patterns for her before she puts it up for sale on Etsy. It's a great pattern
  • Troll doll for a swap - this was for "a wind- related" swap - how is it wind-related? Well, it is called "the wind in my hair" fun eh?
  • Next is Sgt Froggee - another Bobbi pattern test. I'm getting addicted to her way of knitting. It's so fun to knit with NO sewing up afterwards
  • Tea time monkey. He was much harder work - lots and lots of sewing up involved. But he is kinda cute.
  • Finally an alien in a UFO. Yes I know the alien looks a little like a baby giraffe -that's because the pattern was for a baby giraffe. The UFO is all my own design. I think that the little boy who gets it will use his imagination and it will double as a boat, or a paddling pool - that's fine - I love kids who use their imagination.
  • I also made 2 cross stitch pictures - but I'm not including them - only knit and crochet.

So totals so far this year?

January = 9 items

February = 7 items

March = 9 items

April = 7 items

So we have 32 items in 17 weeks - yippee I'm still ahead of 52 items in 52 weeks.