Sunday, 24 November 2013


Well, here we are; nearly Christmas again. 
I did manage to get a few new items into my shop this year.
I also sold quite a few items too but by far the most popular so far is the large elves.

They are 18 inches tall and I have sold male ones, female ones and even different coloured ones. 
These are made to order and are found in my Etsy shop as Jingle bell elves  
But that is not all  
I've also made a smaller version - only 10 inches tall - just the right size to sit on your shelf and keep an eye on the childrens' behaviour and then report back to Santa!
This is my Christmas Shelf elf  also in my Etsy shop.  Very popular.  You will have to hurry if you want then as they are selling out almost as fast as I can make them
Just to prove the size difference

 (If you visit my shop and they are sold out; just send me a convo or message telling my what size and what colours you would like and I will get to work on yours as soon as I am able)