Thursday, 26 August 2010

Meet my new model "Felicity Potts"

Yes Felicity Potts has a handsome classic full figure and looks great undressed.

Have I gone X-rated? No Felicity Potts is my new teapot bought solely for the purpose of showing off my latest tea-cosy range (Yes she looks even better dressed)

This is my most popular cosy. It is a fun cooked turkey. Some folks buy it as a teacosy others have bought it as a Thanksgiving table decoration. Either way it adds some fun to your table. Made in 100% wool (not acrylics) so that it has a real insulating quality. Available once again in my Artfire and Dawanda shops.

She also makes a cracking cup of tea.

Monday, 23 August 2010

What's your fantasy car? Keep in mind: money is no object, and it doesn't have to be a family car.

I've already given this one lots of thought. What I would like is not a real car at all but a submarine. Yes, I could travel to different countries quicker and teach my little kids at the nursery all about the fish under the sea. Here is a picture of it all flattened out.
I know that is a strange way to draw a vehicle; all angles at once, but it is for a reason.
I have created a set of wonderful and fanciful vehicles on mugs at The vehicles wrap around the mug so that the mug appears to have four wheels. They are very popular. The most popular is the ambulances. People give those instead of get-well cards and for passing medical exams. You can even add a message on the side or a name in the registration plate.

Here are some more. A schoolbus, a fire engine, a 4X4, a dumper truck and a big red bus.
I even have some happy homes - Go have a look at Eddy's Mad Mugs

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Wendy's Wednesdays - OK I know it's Thursday now LOL

Roughly once a fortnight, I draw a cartoon on the Handmade in Europe Blog. I've done 13 so far.
The best way to find them all is to put the word "cartoon" in the blog's search bar. But I find it more fun to scroll thorough all the great blog entries in there.

It documents the life of a crafter, Wendy, and her poor long-suffering husband Steve. It is total fantasy but you may see some of your own Crafting obsessions in there

This week she is trying to do something new that is nothing to do with knitting (her favourite pastime)

Yes, OK, OK, it is based on me and other crafters I know. So be careful what you say around me; it may end up as a toon one day mu-hahahaha (evil laugh)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Creative challenge 52 in 52 - July 2010

I'm a bit late posting this month's finished objects. I'm still working towards my goal of 52 items in 52 weeks. July was not such a great month but some interesting items were made

So what are they?
  • A snowman teacozy - I made this for a Marie Curie Cancer Trust raffle.
  • A nice long scarf in shades of dark pink with celtic knots on it.
  • An ice cream doily - this was made for a challenge on the Handmade in Europe Blog. Have a look and see what the others made for this challenge.
  • A tiny donkey made for a swap on The theme was summer and the colour was red. So red donkey it was.
  • A cereise piggy bank - yes he is knitted and yes he is hollow with a slot for money and a plug to get your money out. I'm made a few of these now - they are proving very popular. This one was for my dear friend Catrin who came to Cardiff on holiday all the way from Germany - It was very exciting to meet her and "the tall guy"

So totals?

  • January = 9 items
  • February = 7 items
  • March = 9 items
  • April = 7 items
  • May = 8 items
  • June = 5 items
  • July = 5 items

That's 50 items in 31 weeks - so near and yet so far.

At the moment I'm working on a long-line jacket for myself and a robot for my shop They should be finished soon. But I think I might keep this calendar idea going just because it keeps me motivated to see the months fill up.