Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hello ducky

If you liked last year's snuggle bunnies, then you are going to love this years snuggle ducks. Little yellow ducky cushion pals with a choice of colours for the beak and feet.

Just like the bunnies, you can put a few on the bed or sofa and tell everyone that they are just "throw cushions" to brighten up the room. But we all know that they are for secret hugs when you feel the need (but we won't tell)

These little cushion pals are bought for baby showers, teen congratulation gifts, going-to-college gifts, housewarming gifts, toy collections, room decor, throw pillows and "just because..." Gotta love that reasoning.

All hand knitted from extremely soft, fluffy yarn with washable fibre filling; they can be machine washed on a cool cycle ('cos we all need a wash sometimes) and are a 10 inch circular artwork.

Of course, I intend to make more, but for now, you can find the blue one here and the purple one by clicking here The bunnies are also still available - they look so happy together.