Sunday, 26 April 2009

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Have you ever been to Dawanda the handmade gift site?
It's well worth a visit; especially tonight from 8PM til Midnight they have a 11% off sale

There's never been a better time to go choose cute items like these. I have quite a few different items there and they are all in the sale so click on my banner and go see for yourself

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

week 16 - knitting challenge

'Aint she sweet? hee hee. She's a prototype or a test piece, if you like. I was asked to make a set of little cheerleaders for one of the students at the University of Maryland. Their team is called the terrapins and so the cheerleaders are the "Terps"

I made this little one to test if I could reproduce their contest uniform well enough. The actual ones to be sent will have longer legs, slightly longer skirt and better hair/lettering

I do love a challenge; and this little beauty brings my total of completed goods for this year (since January) to 23

23? Have I missed something out? lets see

20 was the sailor top -which has it's own post

21 was Billy and his crochet bag and goodies - the post before this one

22 is the Terps cheerleader

and 23? Oh yes, I did another test knit. this time for Befriendmantic. It was an Easter bunny all crocheted. He was sweet.

The only thing is, I made a mistake when making him up and so you will see a series of decreases across his chest. They should not be there, they should be under his arm!

Well no one is perfect. He is a twisted bunny but I love him anyway. I'll make another when the corrections come through.

23 for week 16 is pretty good going I think. I'll soon have those 52 items in 52 weeks.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Back in the saddle again

Big drum roll for me!

hurrah I've finally done it. I've made something new for my Eddy's Pressies shop at Artfire

I've been knitting alot lately but not things that I can sell. I've been stuck in "WIP and RIP". That's a knitters disorder (that I just made up) It means that you have so many things that are "works in progress" that you can't get anything finished and also when you do finish something you hate it so much that you just have to rip it all out!

Well, here's a lovely little something that I've been working on for weeks and have finally finished. It's Billy in his bag. The cute little doll can be stripped right down to his underwear! or you can dress him in his t-shirt and dungarees and take him for a walk in his own crocheted bag (room for teddy too)

Along the way you can stop for a snack; he has his own sippy cup that he can hold by himself and a cookie too.

The bag opens out flat to become a changing mat and you can change him into his fluffy nightsuit for a lovely night's sleep.

I'm so happy to have finished something that I made a new shop banner to celebrate. The pretty purple one. I've also had some orders and ideas to keep me going so I shouldn't suffer from "WIP and RIP" again for some time (I hope)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Boys will be boys

"I'm no Easter turkey, I'm the Easter bunny!"

The canteen staff at my son's school are so terribly fed up with 8-14 year old boys giggling uncontrollably every time someone asks for chicken breast.

That they have actually changed the menu board!

Now it reads "Chicken belly"!

Personally, I'd rather have turkey!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

knitting challenge - week 13 - testing, testing...

You may remember from last time I wrote about my knitting challenge that my total was running at 19.

So here's the 20th! this sweet little crochet top was designed by my friend, Laura Jarvis. It was really quick to make and is just so cute. again, she will be making the pattern available soon so you non-testers will have to wait a little before you can get your hands on it.

It took quite a while to get my daughter to stand still for this photo too. She loved it so much she just wanted to dance around and around like a ballet dancer!

oh and for those of you waiting for the Katherine Vaughan hat and scarf pattern that I tested last time; it is now available at I think you may need to sign up to view and buy it.

Well I think it's time I made some more toys next. I have several things in mind (and several things in my "not quite finished" box) I now have a Dawanda as well as an Artfire shop to stock so I'd better get those needles clicking!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Easter egg hunt on Artfire

Seriously, there are a series of Easter eggs hidden in the studios at Artfire. Either in the banners or the pictures.

Today is the start date so you can start looking now at

Each egg has a letter written on it (some have the word "space" which are vital in making the overall sentance)

the idea of the game is to collect as many of these letters to make the correct sentance.

This will run for 3 weeks so lots of time to find them all.

Entry forms can be found here on the Easter Egg Hunt blog Scoring is also explained on there.

And prizes? oh yes prizes, well they make it well worth it....

highest score : 50$ giftvoucher
second highest : 20$ giftvoucher
third highest : 10$ giftvoucher

These vouchers can be spent in all the participating studio's So give it a try, there are some wonderful things to be found. and good luck to you all