Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year = New Beginnings

Well, since this will be my last blog of 2008, I'm just taking a quick break from the planned events to write this down.

First we are all (me, hubby and the kids) watching all the Star Wars movies back-to-back.

Then we will go outside at about 11 O'clock for a BBQ and fireworks with all the families from the street.

Then pop back inside for hot chocolate and marshmallows to warm back up before bed.

The dog spends her New Year's Eve in the bath! Yup, I guess she's watched too many World War Two movies or something; she seems to think it is a safe place to hide from the fireworks! Crazy old woof!

I hope your plans work out just as nicely and that you enjoy yourselves whatever you do.

Lots of love and best wishes to all who read this. Have a super new year

New Year = New Beginnings for all of us.

Friday, 26 December 2008

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Monday, 22 December 2008

An Interview with Elvis

Elvis listens (sometimes)
Originally uploaded by Eddy_G

Elvis is my newest puppet. He's bright red and totally crazy. He's spent too much time near the TV and radio and so answers everything with a song or a well-known TV saying or advert!

So what kind of parrot are you?
"I 'aint nothing but a houndog baby" (song by Elvis presley)
Really? and where are you from?
"Somewhere over the rainbow!" (song from wizzard of Oz)
Do you always sing your answers?
"No, no, no, no; there's no limits!" (song By Cookie crew)
Ok so what do you like to eat then?
"What's for dinner today mom? Beanz,Meanz heinz!" (famous TV advert)
It was lovely speaking to you Elvis. Perhaps I'll interview you again sometime.
"We'll meet again" (song by Vera Lynn WWll)
See you soon Elvis.
"Do you feel lucky, punk?" (Dirty Harry movies)
Cheeky Parrot!

Do you love him?

Do you want him?

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My newest puppet

Best friends
Originally uploaded by Eddy_G

Elvis loves his operators especially when they are very young. He wouldn't dream of biting. What a star!
Elvis is a lovely red parrot. But his cage was left too close to the TV and radio. Whenever you ask him a question; he will answer with a song or a well-known phrase from a TV show.

He's my newest creation. a red furry parrot with the mouth re-inforced with foam. His wings lie freely by his side; so a quick flick of the wrist will make them flap.

He's now on Sale at my Artfire shop come and see

Saturday, 20 December 2008

My tea cosy is a winner!

Well, I gave my mother a novelty tea cosy that I'd knitted for her birthday. Yes it's a cooked turkey with holes for the handle and spout of the tea pot and totally cosy in acrylic yarn and washable too. But can you guess what she did with it?

She sewed the holes up and wore it as a Novelty Christmas Hat to her community center christmas party!

Worse than that! She actually won a bottle of whiskey for "silliest hat of the evening"!

What a cheek!

I've never won anything for my knitting!

Available to buy for your favorite tea pot collector (or hat wearer) at

Friday, 19 December 2008

Make something absolutely crazy!

Ok so my Mum's birthday is coming up.
she has a huge collection of novelty tea pots.
So I decided to make her a novelty tea cosy to go on them
Thinking of Christmas dinner coming up made me think of a cooked turkey!
So yes, I made a fully functional tea cosy
added wings and legs
and well, you can see the rest.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Merry Christmas everyone

Hope Santa Paws brings you something nice.

Here is a message from my dog Misty Blue

Create Your OwnpetcentricOddcast Powered

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

You can sell online!

Wondering what you can do during your spare time to make a little money will little or no cash layout?

If you can draw or doodle (and even if you can't) then you could sell online just like me.

1. Draw something cute, funny or just downright odd and scan it into your computer.

2. Upload photos from your digital camera

3 Upload copyright free clipart or public domain pictures.

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5 GET PAID Yes, you heard me, they pay you every time one of your designs gets sold. Not bad for a five minute doodle!To join just click here and enter a few simple details (and no, I don't get a referral fee for sending you)

Well I have put together a list of free sites that you can join.

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