Thursday, 26 February 2009

Knitting Challenge -week 8 - eek!

OK so it all began well enough.

I started to knit a fire engine. I thought it would be a very easy task to make a baby block shaped fire engine but it was a total disaster. It looks so horrid I can't bring myself to take a photo of it. I will try again in a few weeks (once i've got over the horror of it)
but for now the only item I made was a single hat It's a lovely fit. Can you see the cable pattern? It goes together to make 7 cute little owls around the hat. I got this pattern from a free download - hurrah - I love free. owls by Kate Davies. This is an entire sweater using the design. So if you have lots of time you can try it. So many clever people out there. I wish I could make my pattern work.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Knitting Challenge - Week 7 - one each.

Ok kids are off school so that's why this post is a little late. but I promise that I did all this work in this week.

One for me

So last week I made a sheep; this week she has a Welsh Rugby jersey. Now she is all ready to watch Wales win in the 6 nations rugby tournament! Handy for St David's day toOne for my daughter

So I've just learned to crochet. I can do a single crochet, an increse and a decrease. So armed with just these stitches i made "Ray-Lee the Manta Ray". It's a free download if you want to make one. Brigitte Read is so cool putting it up for free.

One for my son
Ok that's the downside of having two kids. You have to make two to prevent jelousies! With his love of all things tech. This could only be "Blu-ray" LOL

One for my neice

with a 4th birthday coming up, I made this sweet little bag (she will be getting some cute books inside it too and colouring pencils).
The bunny is actually a finger puppet. Clever isn't it? Unfortunately I did not invent it. It's also not a free one (sorry guys) but she offers 7 different variations on this bag in the pattern including some cool halloween ones and how to line them too. So it is worth looking into. You can buy the pattern here

so it's been a busy old week for me. Especially with the kids off school! But they go back soon hurrah. I think they are missing their friends.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Knitting challenge - week 6 - some for the charity box.

This week I got out those dredded DPNs again. The double pointed needles. This is only the second project that I have completed using them I think it turned out pretty well.

It was a free pattern from a cafemom challenge (so two challenges in one!) Free pattern for the Chevron Bag

This little sheep was knitted from an Alan Dart pattern. (sorry you'll have to buy your own pattern for this one) called "Simply Sheep." for the Simply Knitting magazine; Feb, 2009.

She is completed but has no clothes yet. The one in the pattern has a stripey dress and a pair of knitting needles. But I think mine, like any self-respecting Welsh sheep will get to wear a rugby jersey which I will make next week.

I also knitted half a dozen of these little guys. Wee knitted chicks in chemo hats.

They are for the Velindre Cancer hospital appeal. The chicks will be filled with chocolate eggs and sold in the hospital shop. Good use for all that leftover yellow yarn.

The pattern for this is free from the hospital too, and was designed by one of the volunteers that works there; Mrs. Joyce Davies. I'll put a copy onto my scibt files so you can get that too. Probably tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Knitting Challenge; Week 5 - Still knitting...

Well, this week, I found this cute and easy little pattern, called Teddies for Tradgedies. There are no increases or decreases making it perfect for someone learning to knit as a first project.
At first glance I thought it was a charity asking for people to knit and send in the teds. But on closer reading, it seems that it is just a pattern and you have to find the charities that want them yourself. So I've stopped at one. If I find a home for them I will knit more.

One little teddy is just not enough for me; so I made a partner for my daughter's horse. This one is made with some really nice denim-effect yarn in purple with a lilac mane and tail. I think this one turned out even better than the first. My daughter is not that soppy and she says he doesn't need a girlfriend so she will go on sale in my Artfire shop. You can go there to see more pictures and maybe even buy her?