Thursday, 1 April 2010

Creative challenge 52 in 52 - March 2010

So March is gone and April starts today.
Here are my finished items for March.
  1. A tea cosy in the shape of a turkey (already sold)
  2. A little green garden gnome made for a "package of green swap"
  3. A crocheted bag (with a sail boat on it and bamboo handles) made for "make something wind related swap"
  4. A knitted black and white cat - made on request and already sold
  5. A colourful nursery tortiose - also made on request and already sold - and another ordered!
  6. My travelling scarf. This was a group effort made by 10 different knitters, but I made a section for each of their scarves too - so although it wasn't entirely made by me, it deserves to be here as it represents the sections I made on each of the 9 other travelling scarves.
  7. A red knitted crab
  8. A red knitted crab
  9. A red knitted crab - yes they are all part of a requested order. She wants 5 - yippee

Oh yes, I can hear you unbelievers saying , "she just used the same crab photographed in different ways.

Well, just for you, here is a picture of 3 completed crabs plus the 4th in a state of wip (incomplete) taken just before the finished 3 were posted yesterday. So at least 2 more will be in next month's chart. I do love requests.

It's been a good month. Both for orders and sales. A big thanks to my customers at

The challenge then?

  • 9 items for January
  • 7 for February
  • and 9 for March = 25 completed items in 12 weeks

Gosh this 52 items in 52 weeks is easy with a better system of keeping count.