Thursday, 14 July 2011

Little Panda Bears

Aren't these just the cutest little bears? They belong to a CBBC show called "the same smile"
In the programme they are taken around different playgroups in Britain to see how different kids do different things (different religons or abilities) but how they are also all the same; all kids like to play and have fun. It's a really cool programme.

There is just one problem. Even though loads of kids watch the show and are, of course, in love with the bears, the people at CBBC do not make the toys for sale to the public. This is so sad.

I was asked to have a try at making one. Well, I love a challenge...

The original bears are made from different materials but I was unable to find the right materials in the right colours.

Here is my first attempt. He is knitted all from a toweling effect yarn. His legs are pretty small and there is not much difference between him sitting down and standing up - but he can do both. (his head is not really off to one side I did that for the ahhhh effect lol) He does stand an impressive 14 inches tall though - which is pretty close to the same smile bears.

If I make the others it will be in white toweling yarn and yarn with no special effect. But that will make them more like the ones I'm trying to imitate. I'm quite pleased with him.