Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Autumn festival

At this time of year; all the vegetables are now safely harvested and the autumn flowers are out. And so we celebrate this time of plenty with wonderful festivals.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to this years' festival but I helped to set it up a day early and so met some wonderful people.

Here, a sweet guy had brought his entire allotment, and has set it up in boxes under a plastic tunnel in the main street of the town.

I also got to meet "The Melon Man" who carves these wonderful pictures and patterns into melons. I expected him to be using a dremel or another carving tool but no, he uses a six inch knife. He's quite amazing. He was also on the "Britain's got talent" show this year.

and yes, we has typical British festival weather to set up in. But nothing stops us; yes they are pinning pieces of cauliflower to a ten foot tall polystyrene sheep! The idea was to cover the whole thing in cauliflower (yes, the vegetable) but it took more than the day to do it and eventually, the whole thing collapsed under it's own weight. They will try again next year.