Monday, 22 December 2008

An Interview with Elvis

Elvis listens (sometimes)
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Elvis is my newest puppet. He's bright red and totally crazy. He's spent too much time near the TV and radio and so answers everything with a song or a well-known TV saying or advert!

So what kind of parrot are you?
"I 'aint nothing but a houndog baby" (song by Elvis presley)
Really? and where are you from?
"Somewhere over the rainbow!" (song from wizzard of Oz)
Do you always sing your answers?
"No, no, no, no; there's no limits!" (song By Cookie crew)
Ok so what do you like to eat then?
"What's for dinner today mom? Beanz,Meanz heinz!" (famous TV advert)
It was lovely speaking to you Elvis. Perhaps I'll interview you again sometime.
"We'll meet again" (song by Vera Lynn WWll)
See you soon Elvis.
"Do you feel lucky, punk?" (Dirty Harry movies)
Cheeky Parrot!

Do you love him?

Do you want him?

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