Tuesday, 9 December 2008

You can sell online!

Wondering what you can do during your spare time to make a little money will little or no cash layout?

If you can draw or doodle (and even if you can't) then you could sell online just like me.

1. Draw something cute, funny or just downright odd and scan it into your computer.

2. Upload photos from your digital camera

3 Upload copyright free clipart or public domain pictures.

4 Join a POD site (Print on Demand) such as Zazzle; it's totally free to join and upload as much as you like putting it on as many different products as you like.

5 GET PAID Yes, you heard me, they pay you every time one of your designs gets sold. Not bad for a five minute doodle!To join just click here and enter a few simple details (and no, I don't get a referral fee for sending you)

Well I have put together a list of free sites that you can join.

I've put all the information here in my new Squiddoo lens


Find information on selling your designs for free or even your handmade goodies like these which are available at EddysPressies on Artfire.com

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