Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Knitting Challenge; Week 5 - Still knitting...

Well, this week, I found this cute and easy little pattern, called Teddies for Tradgedies. There are no increases or decreases making it perfect for someone learning to knit as a first project.
At first glance I thought it was a charity asking for people to knit and send in the teds. But on closer reading, it seems that it is just a pattern and you have to find the charities that want them yourself. So I've stopped at one. If I find a home for them I will knit more.

One little teddy is just not enough for me; so I made a partner for my daughter's horse. This one is made with some really nice denim-effect yarn in purple with a lilac mane and tail. I think this one turned out even better than the first. My daughter is not that soppy and she says he doesn't need a girlfriend so she will go on sale in my Artfire shop. You can go there to see more pictures and maybe even buy her?

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  1. I registered for tax relief at Barnardos Eddy. I never thought much about it and merrily packed any unwanted bits n bobs over the last six months. I got a letter this week thanking me; they'd sold my 'useless' items for £47 and got the tax relief on them. Perhaps you could set up something like that with your local charity shop if you enjoy quick-knitting the bear. He reminds me of the Molly Dolly I made for my youngest although Molly has loads of decrease/increases but you can be more creative with her clothes. I found the pattern in a Debbie Bliss book. I love knits that allow me to use up the oddballs though I haven't done anything for yonks.