Thursday, 5 March 2009

Knitting Challenge - Week 9 - Monkeys and Daleks

OK so I've always loved those little dollies that old ladies tend to have in the bathroom hiding the spare toilet roll. So dainty and pretty and wonderfully "old fashioned" but I always thought of myself as being "too cool" to actually own one!

Well now I do! I knitted this great dalek out of sparkly lustre yarn (the label says it's beige but in real life I think it looks a great copper.) the pattern is for a fully stuffed dalek toy but I never made the bottom so he sits in the bathroom on his spare roll. pattern? well, it was a free one but it's become unavailable at the moment.

Oh I do hope the BBC (who make Dr Who) have not got to her! They've been having a clamp down lately on people selling homemade Dr Who merchandise. They've been doing this by targeting the pattern makers and asking them t0 remove the patterns from the internet. There really is no need to do this. We all know that licenced characters like Daleks and the Antropose mustn't be sold without permission. But this stops us from making them as presents and homewares too! How unfair.

Anyway, I also made this cute monkey. He's a cowboy yee-haa! I made
little yellow boots for him and a vest. This one was made as part of a
challenge on Cafemom. My linky to my Cafemom page is in the margin on the left.

The knitting and crochet group made him as part of a "Knit and crochet along" challenge. Not many of us did it but hopefully more will join in next time.

My monkey is named Monk Mick and he is sheriff of the toy box. I put pipecleaners into his arms legs and tail to make him super-posable. He is going to a teenager so I know they won't poke their eyes out with it! It's also very well stuffed and padded; those wires are not coming out of there no matter how hard he's played with.

Oh yes, patterns, I nearly forgot. The knitted monkey I have here is a clever adaptation of a crochet pattern that is also available for free
crochet: don't be scared off by this crochet pattern; it is not all in Japanese you just click on the size of monkey you want to make and the instructions are all pretty self-explanitary. Clever Chimmu Chimmu made this pattern and keeps all the copyright rights to it - even in it's translated and knitted forms.

I think it is super that we can exchange patterns from different countries without having to learn a new language - it's a real internet world web family.

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