Sunday, 19 April 2009

Back in the saddle again

Big drum roll for me!

hurrah I've finally done it. I've made something new for my Eddy's Pressies shop at Artfire

I've been knitting alot lately but not things that I can sell. I've been stuck in "WIP and RIP". That's a knitters disorder (that I just made up) It means that you have so many things that are "works in progress" that you can't get anything finished and also when you do finish something you hate it so much that you just have to rip it all out!

Well, here's a lovely little something that I've been working on for weeks and have finally finished. It's Billy in his bag. The cute little doll can be stripped right down to his underwear! or you can dress him in his t-shirt and dungarees and take him for a walk in his own crocheted bag (room for teddy too)

Along the way you can stop for a snack; he has his own sippy cup that he can hold by himself and a cookie too.

The bag opens out flat to become a changing mat and you can change him into his fluffy nightsuit for a lovely night's sleep.

I'm so happy to have finished something that I made a new shop banner to celebrate. The pretty purple one. I've also had some orders and ideas to keep me going so I shouldn't suffer from "WIP and RIP" again for some time (I hope)


  1. aw, Billy is great. I'm sure he will be very sought after.

  2. cute! you're good at stuffed animals and dolls. I like knitting them too but I am never happy when they are assembled. Billy is awesome