Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Happy Birthday Catswire

Today is the Birthday of one of my dearest online friends; Happy Birthday Catrin!

She lives in Germany with a husband and five truly crazy cats and has a really fun blog as well as superb shops called Catswire at Etsy, Artfire and Dawanda.
Catrin is so clever, she is able to crochet wire of different kinds to create the most wonderful jewelry

She also incorporates precious and semi-precious stones into many of her lovely wares.

Like this beautiful sardonyx in sterling silver with a sterling silver necklace too.

Don't worry if you prefer your jewelry a little more chunky; she can even crochet leather cord with copper wire to create amazing settings for her wonderful collection of super-pretty stones. (I do believe there is onyx in there too)

And do you know what makes it really special?

As a gift to us on her birthday, she has reduced the prices on many of her pieces by 15%.

If I were you, I'd pop over there sharpish before she changes her mind!

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