Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My Dino Needs Your Help - vote now (on the left)

I've just about finished my new puppet. She's a trike dinosaur called Squiffy. She's a very happy, upbeat dino who loves to play word games and listen to children's stories.

I used to use one like this when I was working in a school. It's amazing how many of the shy kids will happily chat to a puppet but not to a teacher! My Squiffy spoke with a "blocked nose" type of voice. (well wouldn't you, if you had a horn on your nose?)

She has her frill and her three horns. But the big question is...Does she need ears too?

As you can see by the photos below, the actual triceratops did not have ears; so if we are going for correctness you should vote no on the poll in the margin on the left.
Also if you think ears will make her head look too crowded vote no now.

However most modern cartoon versions of dinosaur do have ears added for cuteness
If you think a small pair of ears will improve Squiffy's good looks or make her look "more finished" then vote yes in the poll in the margin on the left now

You only have a few days to vote before I declare her finished. so make sure you get your opinion in now.
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  1. I think she's plenty cute enough without ears!

  2. OMG, she is so cute! :-D

  3. She does NOT need ears no :)