Sunday, 21 June 2009

What became of Squiffy?

Do you remember Squiffy? my new dinosaur puppet I made for sale on Artfire? and Dawanda

Well, I asked you all to vote on whether she needed ears or not. You can see from the poll opposite that you all voted overwhelmingly NO.

However, I did receive some feedback that her horns were not big enough. Well I couldn't make her nose horn any bigger; she's a little cross-eyed as it is (well so would you be with a horn on your nose) But I did upgrade her back horns. Now you can see them clearly over her eyes.

I also added detatchable arm rods so that you can use her with or without them. These rods have padded bases to make them safe for even young kids to use.

She is now up for sale on Artfire in my studio Eddy's Pressies. For those who prefer to pay in Euros, you can find her on Dawanda. But even though there is only one. Don't worry; You can email me at I will happily make one up for you in the colour of your choice. Maybe white horns? maybe green skin? It's up to you.

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