Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Autumn fun

I've been doing some swaps with friends on the internet, where you make a little creature on a given theme and then send them to each other with some goodies like chocolate, bath products or something else small and really nice.

So what to make on the theme of Autumn? Why squirrels of course. What else says Autumn like these little guys scampering about collecting nuts and fattening up ready for the Winter?

The lovely lady I sent these to said that her twins loved them so much that I have put them up for sale on my Artfire Site They are just big enough to fit into your pocket to carry around and give a secret cuddle to. Hee hee, yes, they are Secret Squizzles!


  1. They remind me of the Max Bygraves song - You're a Pink toothbrush, I'm a Blue toothbrush ......Pink does look very much in love!