Tuesday, 8 December 2009

"Ugly hat"

My daughter has been hounding me to death about getting her one of those peruvian style hats that they sell in gap and places like that. I don't even like these hats; they look ugly to me with their big earflaps and dangly ties (that the local kids don't even tie - drives me nuts - I wanna go tie it for them!!!)

So eventually I gave in, partially because I'd got a new yarn in and wanted to see how it knitted up. It is called Rainbow Multi by"Creative Yarns uk"

It took much botching to ensure that the two earflaps looked the same, using this self-patterning yarn. But after that it didn't much matter what the yarn did.

I even had enough yarn left at the end to make a short scarf too. This was only a 100 gram ball so quite a big surprise to me.

Well, my daughter likes her hat - and even I think it didn't turn out TOO ugly. Quite proud of it in fact.


  1. That's beautiful! Great job and not ugly at all! =)

  2. I'm not a fan of them hats, either - but hey, kids are kids and you did a great job!