Thursday, 28 January 2010


Well yes I do have many hobbies that sometimes seem to use up all my spare time but I always find time to do a little reading.
I know that it's not the kind of passtime that you can get really excited about but I thought I would share some of my tastes and selections with you.

Clive Cussler. OK so that's not a book. He is a great writer. Lots of adventure, treasure hunting and close shaves for our heros. The stories bounce along at quite a pace. Also very educational as I know quite alot about boats, classic cars, guns and special forces equipment.

Saucer by Stephen Coonts (not koonts; he's a horror writer) This book and it's sequel is really believable so even if you don't read sci fi normally, you should enjoy this. It takes place in modern times and tells of what would happen if an ordinary person found a real UFO.

They are my favorites at the moment. But I've read lots that I really enjoyed.

But do you want to know what I really hated? The Harry Potter novels. That's what. Sorry to those who love the boy wizzard but the books are awful.. The movies are great fun - but the books - ugg. She is such a slow writer; it takes forever for anything to happen. JK spends pages describing things that aren't even relevant to the story.

so lots of adventures and sci-fi and even the odd fantasy but Jk Rowlings - no way.

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  1. I'm more the criminal novel reader, but I have to agree on HP. I read them all once I got started (a friend has the series), but it's not something I'd get excited about or read a second time. I'm so glad to not be alone with the opinion of her being a slow writer.
    Have you ever tried the early Preston/Child books?