Friday, 8 January 2010

Things I want to do in 2010

I think if I write them down I may be more inclined to stick to them or at least to work towards them. so here, putting my reputation on the line, is my little list.

  1. I want to make a new knitted/crocheted critter every week. Whether I use it for a swap or put it in my Artfire shop doesn't matter - just that one item gets finished per week
  2. I will plurk every day at least twice. So I had to pick some easy ones otherwise I won't get any done
  3. I will give the whole house a new coat of paint, one room at a time, but by the end of the year all rooms will be re-painted (was going to do this last year - now it REALLY needs it)
  4. I will attend all school teacher meetings - I know it's a yucky one and I usually come up with excuses to avoid it - I always feel like I'M being told off for how my kids are (or are not) doing
  5. I'm going on a holiday by myself no kids, no husband, no responsibilities for at least a weekend. I know that seems mean but last year I had some nasty depressions that a break like this would have worked wonders on.
  6. I'm going to help out at the school more Helping out at fetes and trips is another thing I used to do alot of and now I seem to have got out of the habit.
  7. I'm going on a holiday with the kids - see I haven't left them out. They love Butlins holiday camps and they are not expensive. I enjoy it too - even though I still have to watch them and be with them all the time.
  8. I'm going to put the bin sacks out every Wednesday Seems silly but I quite often forget and then the sacks kinda multiply out the back.
  9. I'm going to stay in contact with my e-friends. I'm already pretty good at staying in touch with my plurky friends (that's a social network site) but the facebook gets neglected.
  10. I'm going to excercise Isn't that a scary thought. I'm always making excuses like "no time" "too tired" but just walking the dog isn't doing it for me. I'm two sizes bigger than I want to be and, well, let's just say that me and diets don't last. I got a special offer on at the council gym so I should take them up on it.

I'm keeping the list short on purpose - if I try for too much they won't get ticked off. I can always add more later anyway. Will I achieve all these this year? hope so.


  1. We'll do anything to help! :-D

  2. I keep seeing these lists on everyones blog - must do one myself but they are hard to keep to aren't they?! BTW thanks for the nice comments on my greyhound pup on ravelry.