Monday, 3 May 2010

Creative challenge 52 in 52 - April 2010

Okay Kokay so here is April in all it's glory.
These are the items I have completed this month. I have a few more on the needles, but we can't count those - only finished items.
  • first you will find 2 more Zodiac crabs; these are the rest of the "5 crab order" from Germany last month.
  • Tabbee cat. I was privileged enough to be allowed to test on of Bobbi Padget's patterns for her before she puts it up for sale on Etsy. It's a great pattern
  • Troll doll for a swap - this was for "a wind- related" swap - how is it wind-related? Well, it is called "the wind in my hair" fun eh?
  • Next is Sgt Froggee - another Bobbi pattern test. I'm getting addicted to her way of knitting. It's so fun to knit with NO sewing up afterwards
  • Tea time monkey. He was much harder work - lots and lots of sewing up involved. But he is kinda cute.
  • Finally an alien in a UFO. Yes I know the alien looks a little like a baby giraffe -that's because the pattern was for a baby giraffe. The UFO is all my own design. I think that the little boy who gets it will use his imagination and it will double as a boat, or a paddling pool - that's fine - I love kids who use their imagination.
  • I also made 2 cross stitch pictures - but I'm not including them - only knit and crochet.

So totals so far this year?

January = 9 items

February = 7 items

March = 9 items

April = 7 items

So we have 32 items in 17 weeks - yippee I'm still ahead of 52 items in 52 weeks.