Monday, 5 July 2010

Creative challenge 52 in 52 - June 2010

Hurray another month done. Not one of my more productive months but some fun items here to add to my ever-growing list of completed items.

So what do I have for this month?

  • A sock kittee in candy colours. These are so cute, the arms and legs are actually knitted in place not sewn - making them on of the oddest items I've ever made.
  • A single pink glove for my daughter. Yes, she is a Hannah Montannah fan and dressed up as her for a charity-day at school.
  • A tote bag made from daisy granny squares. This was made for a challenge in my "handmade in Europe" group. The challenge being "Summer Flowers" See what the others made at the Handmade in Europe blog.
  • A little pink wrapover top. Or the "big booby top" as I now call it. Not terribly happy with how it turned out - Maybe that's why I don't tend to make clothes.
  • Finally another kittee - this one is in Summer Berries colour. The other one sold so quickly I will have to make another of those too.

So totals:-

January = 9 items
February = 7 items
March = 9 items
April = 7 items
May = 8 items
June = 5 items

That makes 45 items in 27 weeks

ooh I'm getting closer - no more big booby tops me thinks ha ha


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