Wednesday, 5 January 2011

"Barney the Dinosaur is Lame"

Yes, you heard it; and it didn't come from me.

I was once told by a 4 year old, that Barney the Dinosaur is lame because he doesn't have proper teeth and claws and all dinosaurs should have proper teeth and claws.

I've given it some thought and he was right; dinosaurs just look too cute these days. So I'm making a few dinosaurs for my Artfire shop Mine will look right even if, maybe a bit cute and fluffy.

This is Pterry my first dinosaur. He is a Pterodactyl and although he doesn't have sharp teeth, he does have a big yellow beak and proper claws; they may be knitted but they are there. He's as soft as a big blanket and knitted in very fluffy yarn. He's pretty huge too standing at 40cm tall and with a wingspan of the same. I love his long goosey neck and the fact that he will nod in agreement to anything you say. He has to be the perfect companion.

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