Thursday, 22 January 2009

I love the hairdressers best of all

Yup, i really love going in and having my hair washed by someone else. (that has to be the height of luxury right?) They talk to you on any subject and bring you lots of coffee. They really are the greatest. Is that why I love them so?

No. What really makes me laugh is the names hairdressers choose for their shops.

I've decided to make a list of my absolute favorites.
It's bound to make you giggle too.

  • Curl up and Dye - it has to be a clear winner
  • The Hairport - who says we drop h's?
  • The Cutting Crew - 1980 pop band I believe
  • Fringe Benefits - oh yes, made me laugh
  • Headmasters - Great name
  • The Snip - scary name for men
  • Head junkie - crazy people
  • The Lunatic Fringe - Not a local one but still funny

But it's not just hairdressers we have

  • Curtains for you - yes it's a fabric shop not the headquarters of the mafia.
  • Junk and disorderly - a House clearance and antiques shop
  • Wok this way - a wonderful chinese takeaway
  • lazy daisy - not terribly clever name for a flower shop, but I love it.

Take a wee walk down your highstreet and see what names you can find - it may surprise you.

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