Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Knitting Challenge. Week 1; Any hay?

Any hay?
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Okay I only just managed this in time. Old Neddy here was started on the 1st January and finished yesterday.
So that's week 1 = success.
I'm hoping to make 52 projects in 52 weeks but they won't all be this big or complicated.
I made him entirely from yarn I had left over from last year's projects. He took 100 grams of cream DK and 50 grams of denim. I actually ran out of denim and had to make his mane and tail shorter than I would have liked)
He was actually a free pattern. So if you would like to make one yourself you can find the pattern at Lion Bran Yarn. They have lots of free patterns it's well worth joining just for that (free to join and you get deals on the yarn - if you want to buy it from them)

If I make another (which I probably will 'cos it's cute as a button) I will put it on my Artfire page to sell. But his one has been claimed by my daughter as a steed for her TY beanie baby doll. As you see they look quite good together.

Ride him Cowgirl! Ty beanie baby's friend

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  1. Those are so scrumptiously adorable.
    I want to eat them.