Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Easter egg hunt on Artfire

Seriously, there are a series of Easter eggs hidden in the studios at Artfire. Either in the banners or the pictures.

Today is the start date so you can start looking now at

Each egg has a letter written on it (some have the word "space" which are vital in making the overall sentance)

the idea of the game is to collect as many of these letters to make the correct sentance.

This will run for 3 weeks so lots of time to find them all.

Entry forms can be found here on the Easter Egg Hunt blog Scoring is also explained on there.

And prizes? oh yes prizes, well they make it well worth it....

highest score : 50$ giftvoucher
second highest : 20$ giftvoucher
third highest : 10$ giftvoucher

These vouchers can be spent in all the participating studio's So give it a try, there are some wonderful things to be found. and good luck to you all

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