Saturday, 4 April 2009

knitting challenge - week 13 - testing, testing...

You may remember from last time I wrote about my knitting challenge that my total was running at 19.

So here's the 20th! this sweet little crochet top was designed by my friend, Laura Jarvis. It was really quick to make and is just so cute. again, she will be making the pattern available soon so you non-testers will have to wait a little before you can get your hands on it.

It took quite a while to get my daughter to stand still for this photo too. She loved it so much she just wanted to dance around and around like a ballet dancer!

oh and for those of you waiting for the Katherine Vaughan hat and scarf pattern that I tested last time; it is now available at I think you may need to sign up to view and buy it.

Well I think it's time I made some more toys next. I have several things in mind (and several things in my "not quite finished" box) I now have a Dawanda as well as an Artfire shop to stock so I'd better get those needles clicking!


  1. Dawanda - what is that like?
    I wish I knew how to knit well. Very pretty!