Monday, 15 March 2010

Hooked on breaking records

Not many people know but our little town of Bridgend is in the Guiness book of Records.

We won the world record for the longest line of drinks cans in 1986
and then won it back again last November from the Home Nursing federation of Singapore
All the people of the town saved their cans so now the record stands at 106,000 cans beating the previous record by more than 15,000

Well now that I hold a world record (along with many others but I still helped to both collect and stack them)

I'm hungry for more. I'm now crocheting squares for the world's largest blanket.

Granny squares from all over the world are being collected to be put together to win this title.

Here are some of mine. all 5 inches
across. They are still looking for more. See

But of course, this method of crocheting is not just for squares.
have a look at this little guy. Totally done in the same style.
Fun isn't he?
find him and more at