Thursday, 25 March 2010

My travelling Scarf returns home

Ok so your first question is probably, What is a travelling scarf?
Well, 10 knitters across Europe all got together on to create a unique scarf for each other.
This is done by each knitter adding a bit to each scarf and sending it on to the next person in the chain.
By the end, each of the 10 knitters has her own scarf back with 9 extra panels worked.
we put some rules in with the package. Mine said, each knitter must do skinny stripes using the yarn before and their own choice of yarn. That way the scarf changes colour one section at a time. for example, the first panel is green and pea, the next is pea and black the next is black and white etc.
Once it came home i crocheted an edging around it to even up the edges ( the tension varies as you can imagion with 10 knitters) and to pull it all together. I think it looks great and will definately wear it about town.
The scarf also came home with it's own little diary to say who worked on it, with what yarn and where in the world they were. So this scarf is very well travelled (hence the name) It went from South Wales to North Wales to Cheshire UK, to Stoke UK, to Wakefield UK then all the way to Austria, Two stops in Germany, Finland and Scotland before finally returning home to me.
I wasn't sure if I should put this scarf on my Finished objects calendar as I only made one section and the edging,
but I decided that I would put it on the calendar as it represents the other 9 sections I've made for the other members of the round robin.
many many thanks to all those who took part. Maybe you could join us next time on the "travelling scarves" group on It's the best place for all knitters and crocheters and yarn addicts of all kinds.

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  1. What a lark and what a great result!