Saturday, 24 July 2010

Let's get drawing more often.

Some people know my drawings as the cartoons I make once a fortnight for the "Handmade In Europe" Blog. Here is poor Steve putting up with Wendy's obsession with crafting.

Still more people know my drawings as t-shirt and card designs on This is my Andy Roarhole dinosaur t-shirt.

But I have recently got myself a fun book full of drawing excercises. This took a whole week to get here from Amazon. This is pretty awful when you know that the main warehouse for Amazon is Swansea (less than 30miles from my house) I really wish they would get themselves a drive-thru like McDonalds - I'll bet it's possible

Anyway, drawing excercise 1 was to draw a page full of cats. I wasn't very comfortable using a sharpie pen; my drawings are usually drawn in pencil (lots of rubbing out), gone over in ink, scanned into the computer and then coloured with the graffics download But it was fun to do

If you look, you should be able to find a pretty lady cat, a scardy cat, a mean cat, a cat made from just straight lines, a circular cat, a triangular cat, a wicked cat, a cat wanting his belly scratched, a cat that looks like a mouse and lots more

Some I did from an abstract line, some I did quick and some I took more time on. I wanted a good mix of realistic, cartoon and abstract - what good fun

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