Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Creative challenge 52 in 52 - July 2010

I'm a bit late posting this month's finished objects. I'm still working towards my goal of 52 items in 52 weeks. July was not such a great month but some interesting items were made

So what are they?
  • A snowman teacozy - I made this for a Marie Curie Cancer Trust raffle.
  • A nice long scarf in shades of dark pink with celtic knots on it.
  • An ice cream doily - this was made for a challenge on the Handmade in Europe Blog. Have a look and see what the others made for this challenge.
  • A tiny donkey made for a swap on Cafemom.com. The theme was summer and the colour was red. So red donkey it was.
  • A cereise piggy bank - yes he is knitted and yes he is hollow with a slot for money and a plug to get your money out. I'm made a few of these now - they are proving very popular. This one was for my dear friend Catrin who came to Cardiff on holiday all the way from Germany - It was very exciting to meet her and "the tall guy"

So totals?

  • January = 9 items
  • February = 7 items
  • March = 9 items
  • April = 7 items
  • May = 8 items
  • June = 5 items
  • July = 5 items

That's 50 items in 31 weeks - so near and yet so far.

At the moment I'm working on a long-line jacket for myself and a robot for my shop They should be finished soon. But I think I might keep this calendar idea going just because it keeps me motivated to see the months fill up.


  1. I lurves my piggy :-D
    What a busy little bee you are!

  2. And I still have my lil red donkey you made for me Eddy!

    I was the lucky recipient who got the cute donkey on our (no longer open group Cafe Mom.

    If anyone is interested we're now located on Ravelry, "Friend's Crocheting Together and More" and also on Face Book, "Crochet, Amigurumi and a Bit More". Come check us out if you like to have some crafting fun. We also have many knitters, a tatter also (she's absolutely amazing), lots of other crafts as well.