Monday, 23 August 2010

What's your fantasy car? Keep in mind: money is no object, and it doesn't have to be a family car.

I've already given this one lots of thought. What I would like is not a real car at all but a submarine. Yes, I could travel to different countries quicker and teach my little kids at the nursery all about the fish under the sea. Here is a picture of it all flattened out.
I know that is a strange way to draw a vehicle; all angles at once, but it is for a reason.
I have created a set of wonderful and fanciful vehicles on mugs at The vehicles wrap around the mug so that the mug appears to have four wheels. They are very popular. The most popular is the ambulances. People give those instead of get-well cards and for passing medical exams. You can even add a message on the side or a name in the registration plate.

Here are some more. A schoolbus, a fire engine, a 4X4, a dumper truck and a big red bus.
I even have some happy homes - Go have a look at Eddy's Mad Mugs

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