Thursday, 19 August 2010

Wendy's Wednesdays - OK I know it's Thursday now LOL

Roughly once a fortnight, I draw a cartoon on the Handmade in Europe Blog. I've done 13 so far.
The best way to find them all is to put the word "cartoon" in the blog's search bar. But I find it more fun to scroll thorough all the great blog entries in there.

It documents the life of a crafter, Wendy, and her poor long-suffering husband Steve. It is total fantasy but you may see some of your own Crafting obsessions in there

This week she is trying to do something new that is nothing to do with knitting (her favourite pastime)

Yes, OK, OK, it is based on me and other crafters I know. So be careful what you say around me; it may end up as a toon one day mu-hahahaha (evil laugh)

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